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Sexual well-being is not confined to the bedroom alone. It serves as a fundamental pillar of overall health and wellness, a fact recognized by the World Health Organization. Nevertheless, despite the undeniable significance of sexual well-being, it remains a touchy subject for the majority of individuals, hindering open conversations about any concerns or the pursuit of remedies for common issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED). Dr. R. Brian Denton, a psychologist at the Urology Institute within the Cleveland Medical Center at Lyndhurst, Ohio, notes that many men grapple with ED in silence due to the societal stigma associated with discussing performance expectations and the perceived link between sexual prowess and masculinity.

Sildenafil, commonly referred to as the generic form of the popular drug Viagra Professional, is an orally administered remedy often prescribed for the management of erectile dysfunction. Administered on an as-needed basis, the medication is usually consumed 30 to 60 minutes prior to engaging in sexual activity, providing an effect that typically extends for a duration of four to six hours for the majority of individuals.

Digital platforms for virtual healthcare such as Hims and Roman offer the possibility to obtain and receive off-brand and original versions of a certain medication known as Viagra Professional. It is essential to consider that the use of sildenafil may not be advisable if you suffer from a cardiovascular ailment and could pose risks when taken alongside specific illicit substances or pharmaceutical drugs.

Can you explain the workings of the medication known as sildenafil (knock-off Viagra Professional)?

Sildenafil serves as the key component and the unbranded variant of a medicinal agent that is commercially known as Viagra Professional (sildenafil citrate). This particular drug is primarily prescribed to address problems related to the male reproductive system.

This drug may be recommended for addressing various health issues aside from its primary use, such as addressing pulmonary arterial hypertension and enhancing sexual desire in women. Erectile dysfunction is just one of many health problems that can arise unexpectedly due to various factors. Some common sources of erectile dysfunction involve inadequate blood flow to the erectile tissue in the penis, nerve damage in the penile region, mental distress like anxiety or depression, and the side effects of certain medications like antidepressants and drugs for regulating blood pressure.

Individuals with a history of hypertension, elevated cholesterol levels, diabetes, smoking, an enlarged prostate, senior age, excess weight, or a sedentary lifestyle are more susceptible to developing Erectile Dysfunction. Out of the 360 men surveyed who had Erectile Dysfunction, over half (55 percent) reported smoking traditional cigarettes or e-cigarettes during their ED diagnosis. The connection between Erectile Dysfunction and mental health is well-documented. Both mental well-being influencing ED and ED affecting mental health negatively are crucial aspects to consider.

Despite individual differences, mental health can be significantly affected by [ED], leading to issues such as fear and tension, challenges with self-image, low mood, and avoidance of close relationships. The absence of sexual knowledge in society plays a role in exacerbating these problems. Men often feel pressured to perform and rely on erections for validation, causing distress when their bodies react differently and challenging their sense of masculinity.

It's crucial to seek medical assistance at the initial stage of experiencing ED as it can help in early identification and diagnosis of various medical issues linked to ED. Studies indicate that men suffering from ED are more likely to develop conditions like cardiovascular disease, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and dementia. In fact, ED could serve as an early indication of cardiovascular problems, manifesting well ahead of typical heart disease symptoms, often appearing three to five years earlier.

Distinguishing between sildenafil and Viagra Professional

While sildenafil is commonly known as "the little blue pill," a term often used to describe the appearance of a Viagra Professional pill.

Despite variations in appearance, all sildenafil pills function identically regardless of whether they resemble Viagra Professional. Nannan Thirumavalavan, an Assistant Professor in Urology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, highlights that both generic and brand name medications contain the same active components. The cost disparity between them is considerable, as noted by Thirumavalavan.

In our investigation on internet platforms for treating erectile dysfunction, we observed that the price of Viagra Professional can soar to $139 per pill, which is a staggering 24 times higher than the average cost of sildenafil. Given the significant financial obstacles posed by medical expenses, we delve into the expenses associated with sildenafil and Viagra Professional on various telehealth platforms below for a detailed analysis.

Where might I find generic sildenafil (commonly known as Viagra Professional)?

Receiving treatment for erectile dysfunction can feel overwhelming. Locating a provider in your vicinity, scheduling an appointment, journeying to the clinic, waiting for your turn, confronting the potential discomfort of conversing about your intimate matter, and getting your medication from a pharmacy are all tasks that can pose a significant obstacle to accessing the necessary medical assistance.

Telemedicine services provide quick consultations on the same day or the next day at reduced out-of-pocket expenses, diminishing the time and hindrances in securing treatment. In many cases, online platforms specializing in ED treatment such as Hims and Roman operate without the necessity of an in-person visit with a healthcare provider, enabling you to receive a health evaluation devoid of any awkward discussions related to your sexual well-being.

Forget about the risks of buying sketchy erectile dysfunction solutions at shady gas stations - online platforms offer a secure alternative.

Getting Started with Online ED Therapy

Skip the uncomfortable doctor's office visits by going for online ED treatment. But don't think you're off the hook - you'll still need to share some personal details for online providers to analyze and recommend a treatment plan. From our undercover analyses, here are the deets you might want to have on hand:

  • First and foremost, we require the following details: the name that appears on your legal documents, the day on which you were born, and a form of official identification provided by the state, such as a driver's license.
  • In addition, a recent image of yourself is necessary for validation purposes, this photo must differ from your identification picture and should be free of any accessories like sunglasses, hats, or anything that obstructs your facial features.
  • For the medical assessments, we will need comprehensive information pertaining to your medical background, which encompasses details on any prior surgical procedures, hospital stays, and existing or past health issues.
  • Likewise, your substance use record should be disclosed, encompassing all prescribed medications, dietary supplements, and recreational substances that are currently being consumed.
  • Analysis of various online services for managing issues with sexual performance

    Our team thoroughly examined more than 25 digital healthcare platforms specializing in addressing concerns related to male potency. None of the platforms we scrutinized were compatible with insurance policies, prompting us to favor those with affordable expenses for customers. Several of the platforms we favored waived the fee for medical consultations and included complimentary delivery of potency-enhancing medications. We also prioritized platforms that facilitated communication between the user and their prescribing medical professional to enable quick adjustments to the treatment plan or to seek clarifications.

    Learn about the process of accessing Hims' ED treatment:

    Click on the Erectile Dysfunction tab on the Hims website to kick off the health survey. Provide your birth date and location, and set up an account with your email address. Complete an assessment on your wellness and medical background, covering topics such as your encounters with ED, medical past, existing health issues, and any substances or medications in use. Following your responses, the system will propose a medication plan from choices like generic Viagra Professional, Viagra Professional, generic Cialis, or Cialis.

    Select the frequency at which you anticipate utilizing the medication, then select the frequency at which you desire to receive shipments of the medication. Provide your payment details. It should be noted that no charges will be incurred unless a prescription for the medication is issued.

    Prior to engaging in a health assessment or establishing an account, the customer support available on online platforms for ED treatment can address inquiries regarding the platform. Hims offers a user-friendly live chat for customer service on their platform, a feature that our Handbook Team frequently utilizes for undercover exploration and gaining insights into the platform.

    Nevertheless, a tester from our Handbook Team expressed dissatisfaction with a specific situation where they had to provide personal information such as their full name, email, and birth date to access information on Hims’ ED treatment due to strict company regulations before receiving any assistance from agents.