The renowned Eriacta 100 MG Tablet is enriched with Sildenafil, commonly referred to as the azure capsule. It serves as a potent remedy for male impotence, more formally known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED). This ailment manifests when a gentleman struggles to attain or sustain a suitable erection for sexual interactions. The root causes typically involve diminished blood circulation owing to physical traumas, specific health ailments, or mental distress like apprehension, tension, despondency, among other factors. By alleviating vascular tensions, Eriacta 100 MG Tablet bolsters the blood supply to the male reproductive organ.

Certain reactions may occur from using Eriacta 100 MG Tablets, such as flushing (reddening and sensation of heat), headaches, stomach disturbances, dizziness, impaired vision, and other symptoms. Typically, these reactions subside independently. Seek advice from a healthcare professional if these reactions deteriorate or persist over an extended period. Eriacta 100 MG Tablets can be ingested with or without food, as directed by a medical practitioner. It is suggested to consume the tablet 30-60 minutes before engaging in sexual activity, although it can also be taken up to 4 hours beforehand. This medication can facilitate an erection solely in response to sexual arousal. Refrain from exceeding the recommended dosage for rapid effects. Eriacta 100 MG Tablets are formulated exclusively for males and not intended for use by women or children.

Eriacta 100 MG Tablet is best avoided by individuals experiencing heart and kidney issues. Refrain from utilizing this medication in case you have a recent record of stroke or angina (discomfort and chest pain). Steer clear of excessive alcohol consumption during the course of treatment as it may induce dizziness. Driving or operating heavy machinery while undergoing treatment with Eriacta 100 MG Tablet is not advisable.

Potential Adverse Reactions

Serious and minor adverse reactions associated with Eriacta 100 MG Tablet:

  • Throbbing headache
  • Nasal bleeding
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Upset stomach
  • Vertigo
  • Hematuria or cloudy urine
  • Burning sensation, numbness, and tingling in the extremities
  • Visual disruptions
  • Light sensitivity
  • Prolonged and discomforting erection
  • Painful urination
  • Excessive tearing of the eyes
  • Ringing or buzzing sounds in the ears
  • Complete loss of hearing
  • Congestion in the nasal passages
  • Persistent nausea
  • Skin redness, particularly on the facial and neck areas
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the expected onset time for the medication to work?

    The impact of Eriacta 100 MG Tablet typically becomes noticeable within 30 to 60 minutes of ingestion.

    How long will the effects of this medication persist?

    Eriacta 100 MG Tablet has a prolonged duration of action within the system for up to 24 hours. Would it be advisable to drink alcohol while under this medication? It is strongly advised to abstain from alcohol consumption when using Eriacta 100 MG Tablet due to its potential to decrease blood pressure, which could lead to various side effects like vertigo, fainting, facial flushing, persistent headaches, irregular heartbeats, etc. Does this medicine have addictive properties? No cases of addiction potential have been associated with Eriacta 100 MG Tablet. Is it safe to take this medication during pregnancy? It is not recommended for women to use Eriacta 100 MG Tablet while pregnant.

    Is it safe to use this medication while breastfeeding?

    It is advised to avoid the use of Eriacta 100 MG Tablet by women. Do not take this medication if you have an allergic reaction to it, and seek immediate medical assistance if you experience symptoms like skin rash, swelling, dizziness, or difficulty breathing. Additionally, avoid Eriacta 100 MG Tablet if you are taking medications containing nitrates, as it can cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure.

    The possibility of experiencing additional adverse reactions like vertigo, feeling faint, loss of consciousness, migraines, reddening of the skin, irregular heartbeat, and persistent and painful erection not caused by sexual intercourse could be heightened. Riociguat is a pharmaceutical used to address pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH; elevated blood pressure in the blood vessels that supply blood to the lungs). The intake of Eriacta 100 MG Tablet is contraindicated if you are undergoing Riociguat therapy due to the potential severe drop in blood pressure, which poses a risk. Furthermore, you might encounter side effects such as vertigo, feeling faint, fainting, reddening of the skin, migraines, and nasal congestion.

    Heart insufficiency, known also as cardiovascular inadequacy, occurs when the heart's ability to pump blood is compromised. It is advised that individuals experiencing intense and unpredictable angina pectoris or severe cardiovascular insufficiency avoid the consumption of Eriacta 100 MG Tablet. Engaging in sexual activity is not advisable under these circumstances as it may pose a potential risk of cardiac arrest. The medication also impacts the heart's blood vessels and could potentially result in additional cardiovascular issues.


    Missed Dose

    Since Eriacta 100 MG Tablet is to be taken as a single dose only when necessary, the likelihood of missing a dose is minimal.

    Warning! Beware of exceeding the recommended dose. Users of Eriacta 100 MG Tablet who exceed the assigned dosage may experience extreme disorientation, sudden unconsciousness, or an excruciatingly persistent penile state. Reach out to your medical advisor without delay for additional direction.

    General Guidelines:

    Administer Eriacta 100 MG Tablet regardless of having a meal, though a substantial feast could prolong its onset. Refrain from pulverizing, fracturing, or masticating the tablet. Consume no more than a solitary dose daily.

    Sharing medication with others, regardless of their perceived similarities in condition, is highly discouraged. Taking Eriacta 100 MG Tablet one hour before engaging in sexual activity is recommended; however, you have a window of 30 minutes to 4 hours before the event to take it. Should an erection last longer than 4 hours post intercourse, seek immediate medical assistance. It should be emphasized that this medication is ineffective without sexual arousal and does not provide a permanent solution for erectile dysfunction.

    Various elements like excessive body weight, tobacco usage, alcohol consumption, and the like may play a part in the development of sexual performance issues. It is advisable to adopt substantial changes in one's daily routine, such as eliminating smoking and alcohol, regulating body weight, consuming a nutritious diet, and engaging in physical activities alongside the utilization of Eriacta 100 MG Tablet. Keep in mind that Eriacta 100 MG Tablet does not safeguard against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV, etc., so it is crucial to practice appropriate precautions during sexual activities.